Custom Badges – The Ultimate Promotional Business Identity

The use of Custom Badges for business promotion purposes has set a trend for the younger generation. Advertisers now designed it in such a way that it would be a good promotional product and something fashionable. People tend to give their attention to accessories that are catchy in the eyes and wearable on their end. Badges are defined as an identifying mark of a particular brand or company, that is considered as their emblem. It is therefore important that you come up with Custom Badges that truly represent your brand and send out a good lasting impression to customers Custom Awards.

Types of Custom Badges

There are different types of custom badges available in the market, some are for advertising purposes. Some badges are used as distinct marks especially for ranks in the armed forces or a simple way of identification.

Here are a few samples of badges.

ID badges. This is the primary use of Custom Badges. They are used basically for identification and security purposes. They are considered to be part of the uniform worn by employees. They are used during conferences so that participants may be aware of who the facilitators and speakers are. With today’s innovations, some ID badges have built-in key systems, most especially for larger companies, to ensure that only their employees have access to their vicinity.

Military badges. These are military people who have undergone specialised training and assignments. These types of Custom Badges are made for them as a means of giving them the identity of specialised assignment that signifies rank and accomplishments.

Emergency Medical Service badge. This badge is made for the health care team, because through this they can be identified as health care providers especially during emergency scenarios.

Fire badges. There are Custom Badges made for firemen that represent their special zones or area of responsibilities.

Police badges. These re Custom Badges worn by policemen in general. This represent their official insignia and is required to be worn as part of their standard uniforms. But for police who don’t wear the official uniform, they usually keep this on their so-called badge wallets as an alternative.

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