Muslim Names For Baby Girls

I think some of the girl names for Muslims are very pretty and have very great meanings. Here I will share just a few of the many names with you.

Aala is perhaps one of my favorites, meaning “blessing.” I think this name goes very well to an unexpected pregnancy, one that was hard to conceive or a pregnancy that was really hard to get through Muslim Boys NamesĀ . Even if those don’t apply it is still a pretty name and she could still be such a blessing to you.

Another great Muslim name is Nisa, meaning “women,” or Tahira, “chaste and pure.” Hadeeqah means “garden” and Dara, “halo of the moon.” I love how Muslim names flow so nicely of the tongue and the girls names sound so feminine, like Dafiya and Feheema.

Kaheela has one of my favorite meanings, “trial, labour, then triumph.” I believe the meaning is more of a powerful statement and I think of this name to belong to a woman who will be faced with many challenges but through hard work will come out a champion.

Some other favorites are Wahiba, “giver,” Baheera, “dazzling.” How would you like your daughter to be a “flame” then name her Shola or “rays of sunlight,” Shua. If you expect a blond you can name her Shuqra since it means “blond.” Or Turfa which means “rare” and Nada which means “delicate.” How about choosing Nadia “the caller” or Heema “crazy in love.”

Another bonus to choosing a Muslim baby name is that not many children will have the same name at school and there are a lot to choose from. In fact I have found databases with over 50,000 Muslim names for baby girls and boys. So if you want a unique name for baby then all you need is to choose one of Muslim origin.

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