Harmful Poker Advice – 21 Ways To Quickly Lose Money In Poker

To find out what information is the right way to play poker, is not a problem. The problem lies with implementation of this knowledge. You seem to know how to do it correctly, but act as you got used to. Having seen the many poker games I came to the conclusion that I should make a list of harmful advice. The committed by me and other poker players list of mistakes. These ways to quickly and painfully lose your own hard-earned money convince the beginners to act more cautiously.

Let’s start …


1. Always play poker with your last money. And much better to borrow from your friends 우리카지노.

2.Try to select limits in a way, so that your bankroll should not be more than 10 big blinds.

3. If you want to participate in a tournament, choose the most expensive one that you can afford. You may increase your bankroll manifold!

Emotions and state of health

1. Play poker only when you have a bad headache.

2.Do not sit at the poker table unless you are tired.

3.If you are in your cups – that is the best time to play poker.

4.You have just lost big money. That is the lucky moment to take part in the tournament for the rest.

Selection of table

1. Select the table where only professionals play.

2. Take a seat to the right from the best player.


1. Take stakes with any hand. You will definitely succeed at flop.

2. Gamble everything if you have a pair.

3. Don’t look at the community cards. Look at what you have.

4. Your hand is the best! Gamble more!

5. Mathematics is not for you. The intuition is the most important in poker.

6. Bluff. The more you bluff, the more luck you will have.

7. Raise with any hand: what if all rivals fold?


1. Play as if you play against a machine.

2. Do according to the scheme. It does not matter what other players do.

3. Chat.

4. Tell everybody what cards you have.

5. Always open your cards at the end of the game.

I can go on. After all I have committed is quite a number mistakes in my poker life. To be honest, not all from the above list are mine. For example I don’t chat and don’t open my cards. But in general, these and many others have taken a good deal from my dollars in the unknown direction.

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