Dryer Vent Cleaning: Water in the Vent Line

I met with an operator at one of his possessions precisely the other evening who’d a big water dilemma with his drier vent line. Once meeting with the Owner, he chose me to his basement opened up a cupboard. There was a flexible dryer hose dangling right in front of my head in a big U formation. The master said,”I think there is certainly water .” Obviously, this can be the reason why his employees were experiencing problems drying their outfits.

I grabbed the hosejostled it back and forth, and also the noise of plain water left a whooshing noise, it felt as though there was two gallons of plain water from the port line. The weight of such a enormous amount of water led to the duct line to overeat into a few feet above the floor. Providentially, the hose didn’t yet break and lead to water damage all over his ground.

I thought to the Homeowner, clean dryer vent“The builder needs to have already been very idle since he should never of put in such a kind of flexible dryer vent line from the partitions. He should’ve installed on the rigid metal sort of dryer duct” Unfortunately, contractors occasionally set up the elastic foil type of duct lineup in walls, and also are even known to sometimes depart the dryer duct to attics that’s very dangerous.

When a elastic port is put in rather than the stiff metal sort, if there is really a little water erosion out of drying clothes, this warm water could build up and start to sag the vent line. And when the duct line jelqing, it merely collects an increasing number of drinking water. Alas , the water will finally totally clog the vent line the moment it sags, and totally block the airflow. Whenever there is definitely an airflow congestion as a result of drinking water buildup, it might seriously harm a dryer and create even a potent new drier unworthy.

Sometimes, the drinking water may come from the exterior when the outdoor protect isn’t sealed properly and rainwater pops into the drier duct. The simple solution for this will be to secure the exterior vent cap with clear caulk or to install a new bathtub. The exterior vent cover for this particular homeowner was under a over hang where by rain wouldn’t

it, or so the water was definitely coming out of his clothing. Usually, water condensation in the line is not a problem, however as he’d a elastic hose in the walls, the slightest amount of water compelled it to melt down and snare more and more water.

I grabbed a sizable plastic bucket, then set it under the sagging port line, took a pen, and popped it having a hole. It almost felt as a surgical procedure. The drinking water flow out of this duct line and into the skillet along side a blend of lint. After all of the water drained, I only taped the hose up with port tape.

After fixing the water dilemma I went on my usual cleansing procedure and brushed from that the vent line from the inside, set my blower in the port point and proceeded to brush it from the outside. On-line blew out, and also the air-flow finally resumed at the vent line also has been blowing outside strong.

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