Three Common Mistakes in Article Marketing Tutorials

There is a variety of article marketing tutorials available. While some of them contain sage wisdom and smart recommendations, others offer potentially damaging and inaccurate information. Let us look at three common mistakes found in many of the tutorials currently on the market.

First, many tutorials will preach “volume over quality”. They claim that the best way to get results with article marketing is by getting as many articles out there as quickly as you possibly can. They would like you to believe that you can move the world with enough articles, regardless of how good or valuable they really are. That simply is not true. Junk articles are not distributed as often as good ones. And weak articles nearly always end up with a far lower resource box click-through rate than do better offerings article rewriter.

Second, some article marketing tutorials treat the resource box like an afterthought. That is a huge blunder. A well-written resource box can effectively multiply the value of an article. Good resource boxes translate into good click-through rates. That is what we are after right? We want those visitors!

Third, I have seen many tutorials that tell you, in essence, to rewrite existing material. By rewriting something that is already published, you can save time on research, allowing you to produce articles with high-speed efficiency, they claim. This is not good advice. First, you are not actually adding any new value to the Internet nor are you supplying anything important to your prospects. Second, you run the risk of repeating bad or inaccurate information. That is bad news on a variety of fronts! Third, from an ethical standpoint, the “just rewrite someone else’s articles in your own words” technique is nothing more than a recommendation to engage in plagiarism.

You can learn a lot about effective traffic generation and SEO from article marketing tutorials, but do not accept everything you read as the gospel truth. As these three common mistakes illustrate, not everything found in a tutorial is accurate or smart. Believing in volume over quality, short-changing your resource boxes and engaging in barely-glorified plagiarism are all examples of the bad advice you can find–and should ignore.

Article marketing can be an extremely powerful tool and every marketer should study good article marketing tutorials to learn the ropes. Hopefully, they will learn them from strong tutorials that do not include questionable advice.

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